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Concatenate with Line Breaks in Apple Numbers

If you want to concatenate two elements in a Numbers spreadsheet and include a line break between them, use CHAR(8232) to represent the line break. For example, putting a line break between the contents of cell A1 and B1 would look like

=A1 & CHAR(8232) & B1

If you were in Microsoft Excel on a Mac, the analogous command would be CHAR(13); on a PC it would be CHAR(10).

Wrestling MS Word: Section Numbering

If I want to typset a slick looking (and owrking) document with internal references, my preference is to use the LaTeX system. But there aren’t many people at a University that use that system. Most people use Microsoft Word. So I’m often forced touse MS Word, too.

As I’ve used it, I’ve learned some tricks to automate my documents into looking nicer. Most of those tricks involve customizing styles. One trick is to number section heading, sub-headings, and sub-sub-heading. But each time I use that trick, I need to re-figure it out. So, for my future self, I’m positing the reference that always seems to do the trick. Continue reading

Automator Workflow for getting creation datetimes

My day job involves grant applications, and we have a long way to go when it comes to gathering data on our performance. It’s been my feeling that our workload has been increasing over the past few years, and that we have boom and bust cycles. A count of proposals is an easy way to verify the upward trend in overal production, but looking for the cycles requires data that we’re just not logging. Continue reading