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*in loco parentis* and St. Olaf College

I’ve been monitoring the recent on-line conversations about St. Olaf College’s sexual assault policies and procedures. As an alumnus, a (hopeful) future parent of an Ole (or two), a liberally educated mathematician (so I’m not the greatest writer), and a higher education professional, I have some serious concerns about St. Olaf’s track record in dealing with sexual assaults on students. After all, every alumni of St. Olaf College is connected to me, and I want the best for all of them.

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Analyzing Archery for Science!

My daughter is in eigth grade. When she was asked to come up with a science project, she thought of her compound bow and how she could use that to study the effect of changing some variable and holding others constant. For her project she is asking, “What effect will varying the draw poundage have on my accuracy?” To study this, we have spent some time at the regional archery range (home of the Conejo Valley Archery club) and shot rounds on their 13m and 18m lanes.

I want to write up is the process that I, the Dad, am using to look at her data before she has a chance to look at it herself. (She’s procrastinating a bit.)

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Watching Jimmy Carter

I’m in fifth grade. That must make it about 1979. It was my first experience of a landslide loss. We’re holding mock presidential elections in class. Carter, the incumbernt, versus Reagan. There’s a cardboard box on a shelf at the fron to the room that we put our ballots Continue reading

Rediscovering Gorka

A raw post.

The music of John Gorka is looping in my garage office corner as I write. It’s not recent music, and from time to time I reach up with my right ring finger and hit the ‘advance’ key on my keyboard to skip this song. Not every track is conducive to my thinking right now. Some would soothe me as I write, but that’s not how I’m feeling right now. I’m excited and
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