Concatenate with Line Breaks in Apple Numbers

If you want to concatenate two elements in a Numbers spreadsheet and include a line break between them, use CHAR(8232) to represent the line break. For example, putting a line break between the contents of cell A1 and B1 would look like

=A1 & CHAR(8232) & B1

If you were in Microsoft Excel on a Mac, the analogous command would be CHAR(13); on a PC it would be CHAR(10).

Contact Public Officials

Public Officials who need to hear my voice

The following are some public officials who are going to hear my thoughts on the first week of POTUS’s term. I’ll call their phone lines, first. And I may mail a letter, knowing that letters will be delayed significantly for security concerns.

UPDATED 1/29/2017 with information on using the Capitol switchboard to contact your Congressional representatives. Continue reading

POTUS Acts in the First Week

This week, POTUS made hay with the fountain pen, signing several executive actions (orders and memoranda) that are making waves. If you want to keep score on the good/damage POTUS is doing, here’s the scorecard, as best as I can gather. UPDATE: Hours after posting, another EO on ethics was created. This post is updated to add that to the list, below. Continue reading

Media’s Dilemma

“I’m covered dishonestly by the press — so dishonestly,” POTUS says. So he’s going to keep using his personal Twitter account to communicate with the public.

Journalists expect a certain amount of access to the U.S. executive branch. Will POTUS and his people limit journalist access to POTUS’s social media posts, or will POTUS continue to give the press corps access to the White House? We don’t know, but we can look at what the media have been doing. I claim they face a social dilemma, and are taking an approach that’s not the best for society of for them.

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Trump and Dictionaries

I’m a terrible pedant at home. When my wife chooses a word that I think is a cousin of the “right” word, I cringe. Sometimes I’ll vocalize my cringe in a monstrous way, but I’ve mostly learned to control myself when we converse because I love her and know I’m a monster. I share this so you know how strongly I feel about the meaning of words. So when I say “words matter” in the context of President-elect Trump (or President Sex Criminal, as he is rightly called in [Episode 217][1] of the Flophouse Podcast), you see that I have a lingual rap sheet and I mean business. Continue reading